There is something charming about a small downtown, where historic buildings stand in honor of those who came before, where shopping and service businesses meet the needs of customers, where citizens and visitors greet each other with a friendly hello, for a downtown is the commercial, cultural and historic heart of a small town! 

Presented by Image Martin each of these categories found above feature the businesses and organizations located in the six block radius referred to as Historic Downtown Fairmont!  

Downtown Fairmont as seen today continues to utilize historic buildings to offer a incredible verity of shopping options and services! Visit our DOWNTOWN PHOTOS page to see additional pictures past & present! 

Recent Downtown Fairmont Events

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Visit our EVENTS PAGE  to see all the events taking place downtown throughout the year!

Thanks to all that came out and the Downtown Fairmont MN businesses for a great Merry & Bright Night!

Join us in thanking the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring  the 2023 Glows Parade, it was awesome!

All of Fairmont came out in support  of the Cardinals at the 2023 FHS Homecoming Parade!  

Downtown Fairmont's  Annual Trick or Treat Night saw our citizens demonstrate how to make ART into a costume!