El Agave Restaurant is a family owned and operated business. Since 2007 they strive to offer the complete dining experience with home cooked meals, authentic recipes, and fine service.

Fairmont Brewing Company

Edies Cafe (1973)

Domino's Pizza

At 5 Lakes Nutrition you can get your healthy, convenient fast food! A variety of high protein coffees which can be hot or cold.

Jake's Pizza is a family owned restaurant located in downtown Fairmont.  (1973)

At Indulge & Co Coffee Shop we want you to Indulge! Whether it's with a delicious seasonal/specialty drinks or boba/bubble drinks. We also carry cheesecakes and an assortment of treats.

At the Blazer Bar and Grill you will find a variety of food and drinks in a friendly at home atmosphere

A food trailer offering  authentic Mexican food through the summer months.