Downtown you will find unique artwork designed to beautify and promote our community.  Whether on Downtown Plaza, a downtown side street, doorway or alley you will see murals & statues perfect for a photo-op.

This mural sponsored by Imagine Martin was designed by Denise Rouse with artwork by Kim Koppen. Receiving a complete upgrade by Designing Signs summer/fall of 2023 this interactive mural now features 40+ downtown businesses and points of interest.

This community based mural was sponsored by the Red Rock Center for the Arts. Designed and overseen by Nancy Katzer, numerous community  members assisted by painting this popular attraction.  This mural truly celebrates the arts of our community!

A Imagine Martin project developed to share what makes our county a great place to call home by spotlighting our businesses & organizations, featuring our local artists and honoring our pork industry through multiple concrete hog statues as an attraction for tourists, visitors and the citizens of our community. Click on this logo to learn more!

Downtown Fairmont's Street Piano -This attraction welcomes downtown visitors and our citizens to tickle the ivories on Fairmont's first STREET PIANO. Sponsored by Imagine Martin, created by Denise Rouse the piano was inspired by her love of music!

Look for details coming soon

Look for details coming soon