Going Hog Wild in Martin County

Sponsored by Imagine Martin these downtown hog statues join hogs around Fairmont & greater Martin County to highlight our business, feature our artist & honor our pork industry.

Going Hog Wild in Martin County was developed to share what makes our county a great place to call home by spotlighting our businesses & organizations, featuring our local artists and honoring our pork industry through multiple concrete hog statues as an attraction for tourists, visitors and the citizens of our community.A concept created by a group of concerned citizens focused on downtown revitalization in Fairmont, MN. The concept is to have multiple concrete hog statues as an attraction for tourists and visitors, each spotlight businesses & organizations as well as recognizing the accomplishments of the pork industry in our county. While originally focused on downtown Fairmont, after presenting the concept to many local businesses & organizations, it became apparent that GHW would not only be a great draw for downtown but for all of Martin County. Today 88 hog statues are featured  throughout the county (20 in the downtown area). Look for 14 additional hogs that are scheduled to arrive through the fall of 2023.