Fairmont Photo Press

   Once upon a time...Fairmont residents James T. Clifford, Lynn Kerns, Loretta Harris, Wayne Schroeder, Daryl Roalson, Alvin Malmanger, Clayton Nelson, Sherman Kumba, John Gette Jr., and Leonard Patsche got together and decided they wanted to provide the residents of Martin Country and the surrounding areas with a free weekly newspaper. This newspaper would be supported by the advertising of local businesses. 
And...ta-dah...the Fairmont Photo Press was born.

In addition to publishing the newspaper, the Photo Press installed equipment capable of producing commercial printing, much of which was previously sent outside the Fairmont area. Keeping that work local helped boost Fairmont’s economy and rounded out the types of services available to people in the Fairmont community.

In the spring of 2011, Fairmont native Karen Luedtke Fisher purchased the Photo Press. New improvements were made, such as the addition of Macs, software upgrades, digital newspaper layout, the purchase of two high-tech color copy machines and a Xante Impressia digital press. But one thing has never changed: our good old fashioned customer service.

Today, we remain your complete printing headquarters, and our newspaper is the only total market coverage publication in Martin County and the adjacent area, with circulation reaching over 12,400 households and businesses.